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The Company

Betontema Impianti mobili betonaggioBETONTEMA IS a new generation company that was born WITH long experience IN metal carpentry AND batching plants. Our core business ARE the construction OF BOTH mobile batching plants TO produce concrete, AND silos TO store AND TO proportion cement AND dust. We operate BOTH IN the Italian AND IN the international markets. Our main focus IS TO CREATE high quality products WITH competitive prices, that ARE easy AND practical TO be used. Quality, integrity AND efficiency ARE keywords TO describe the way we WORK. Step by step, we follow the requests OF our customers AND we provide a professional service focused TO solve their needs. Our mainstay IS the construction OF mobile plants. Extremely versatile, they can be installed AND moved through the help OF hydraulic AND telescopic lifting devices we provide, AND NO other machinery IS required. They do NOT need either TO be fixed TO the ground OR TO be walled. Easy TO be installed ON the spot, they ARE extremely movable: particular licenses ARE NOT required, unlike vertical silos OR fixed plants that also need a base made OF concrete AND have TO be fixed TO it. ALL OF our products ARE CE mark tested AND certified, AND ARE built IN accordance WITH the CURRENT regulations AND norms. They can operate CLOSE TO buildings, since dust IS recovered by means OF dedicated accessories. SPACE they need IS reduced TO the minimum, AND this allows TO save ON transport expenses AS well. Our professional staff, AND the best technology that can be FOUND ON the market, allow us TO pay artisan attention TO each phase OF building process. BETONTEMA avails itself OF advanced 3D designs, AND IS proud TO co-operate WITH expert partners that look after them IN details till the final result. After-sales technical support IS a surplus VALUE: IN CASE a plant crashes AND costs the customer would eventually face, it IS strongly important TO make it WORK again immediately. FOR this reason one technician OF ours IS always available, ON PUBLIC holidays AS well. ALL spare parts can be FOUND inside our storehouse, prompt shipment AND delivery ARE granted. Components used ARE provided by the most important companies, so AS TO prove our quality standards. Reliability OF our products must NOT change even IN the CASE they ARE located IN places WITH severe weather conditions. Every plant IS painted by professional companies: each product IS exposed TO a continuous cycle OF sandblasting AND high quality oven baked painting. This particular treatment grants components a long life.

MOBILITY: small parts do NOT need TO be assembled; the plant IS ready TO produce concrete IN a few hours.

WORK SAFETY: it IS guaranteed TO maximum LEVEL BOTH FOR users AND maintenance addicted, thanks TO the safety devices provided.

ENVIRONMENTALISM: maximum height IS 4 m; mobile silos do NOT need TO be fixed ON the ground; dust collectors AND filters ARE available TO respect environment; low energy absorption.

CLEANING: a proper device, located upon BOTH leaning sides OF the belt bucket conveyor, recovers aggregates AND lead them back inside the belt itself. AS soon AS you choose BETONTEMA products, you realize you have been awarded modern, versatile, everlasting items that ARE really worth the cost OF.